Polishing timelapse video ready NOW

Hi all and welcome to this new devlog post :D

Today I want to share with you the process of polishing a 10 minutes game to become what it's now, "Math Reverse"!!

The video cost me lot of time because I had some problems speeding it up with Pinnacle Studio 19 so I had to switch to Kdenlive that let me speed it up near to 3000% but cost me some double or triple editing time due to crashs and bugs -.-'. But in the end the video has been done and it's also quite short relate to my standard...lot of hours of develoement in just few minutes!!

I hope you enjoy and if you like the video please press the like button, make a comment, share it with friends (maybe can inspire them to do something by they own) and of course...subscribe ;)

I wish you a nice day

See you soon


Get Math Reverse

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