Final Update and Launch

Hi all and welcome to the second Math Reverse release post!!

In the last days I had to work on my stuff but today I've spent the morning to update the game changing the buttons, icons and adding few things:

  • True & False button new graphyc + hover graphyc and sound
  • Point new icon
  • Added a new font for all texts in the game using the free font from  Vic Fieger named data control
  • Set a darker bar on the top
  • Aligned all in the right way
  • Canvas now resize in the right way
  • Updated the credits text
  • Changed Start and Credits button's icon
  • Added an image with a simple animation in the credit page to remember how to go back
  • Changed the font size of the question and of the credit text

I've also remade the screenshots and the banner required by and now it looks all pretty good!!

I'm now updating Unity to add Mac OS X and Linux building option so in few minutes I'll be able to upload the game also for this operating system.

I'm going to test the Linux version but I've no possibility to test the Mac OS X version so I appreciate a lot if some of you can try the game and give me a feedback!!

Math Reverse as it is now works good and I've no plans to add new features or upgrade it any more (only bugs patch if someone will find a bug). Never say ever, but from now I'll start working on new projects and I won't have time to make Math Reverse bigger; it started as a simple 10 minutes game so...

That's it!

I hope you enjoy the game and I wish you a nice day



Math Reverse Windows 16 MB
Nov 15, 2018
Math Reverse HTML5 Play in browser
Nov 15, 2018

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