First Upload

Hi all, this is Math Reverse, a funny and challenging game made in 10 minutes as challenge and than polished and upgraded for the Thankful Jam.

Before the official release and before submitting the game to the Jam, I'd like to chage some icons and polish the game a little bit more.

As first upload I've added a .zip with an .exe that can be run in Windows systems and an HTML5 version tested only with the last Google Chrome version.

I've noticed a problem with the full screen on 21:9 displays so I suggest to use 1920*1080 resolutions or lower. I'll try to solve it anyway!

You can find two screenshots and the banner. I don't think I'll add other game screenshots because the game is simple and I think two are enough but I'll surely change them after the extra polishing action!!

I spent also some time to set up the game page here in and I think now it looks cool but you can leave a feedback in the comment :)

In the end I've some extra time to do all the stuff mentioned before so stay tuned!


Math Reverse Windows 16 MB
Nov 10, 2018
Math Reverse HTML5 Play in browser
Nov 10, 2018

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