Color Summa, a game that challenge your skills on making the highest score merging sqares of the same color.

The squares on the top do the following actions:

Red: close the app

Orange: reset the game's table

Green: shifts back of one movement

Purple:  go to home page

Google Play Store

Install instructions


Download the .apk file on your mobile device
Enable "Unknown sources" (under Settings > Security)
Tap on the file and install it
Disable "Unknown sources" (under Settings > Security)
Enjoy the game

--> Android 4.1 minimum <--


Download the .zip file specific for your operating system
Extract the .zip file
Run the executable


Color Summa Android.apk 25 MB
Color Summa 19 MB
Color Summa 19 MB
Color Summa 18 MB

Also available on

Development log


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i cant seem to do anything with the web version. i tried clicking squares and i tried to push all the buttons on my keyboard and nothing would happen.

Thanks for the feedback! Can you provide me your browser web name and version please?
Are you blocked in the main menu or in the game? (key to use are wasd or arrows)